Bio Cleaning of Drain Lines

No matter how careful and trained kitchen staff is , invariably a large portion of fats and oils find their way down the drain lines and grease traps.These fats and oils reduce the internal diameter of drain lines and cause blockages and odors, the grease also solidifies to cause grease trap overflows and blocked and polluted sewer systems.

Increased repair costs, seepage issues, pests and flies, bad community relations , foul odors the list only increases.


Detergents and Hot Water Don’t Work


Detergents displace Fats and oils a but don’t degrade them and hot water lifts the sticky fats further down the drain to make problems even worse.Bleaches, Caustic and acid are really harmful and cause irrepairable damage like corrosion to pipelines and upsetting the wastewater treatment systems.

Bio-Degradation Works!

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Bio treatment of food waste is done by dosing a blend of oil and fat eating microbes and fat digesting enzymes in drain-lines. These microbes digest the sticky oils and fats deposits in drain-lines and bring back the reduced diameter of clogged pipelines back to normal ,allowing waste to pass through. such a dosing is done at a time when the drain experiences least flow, so that microbes get sufficient time to degrade food organics and multiply.In a matter of few days the microbes remove tough sticky deposits , colonize the drain and form a bio-film, this bio-film maintains free flowing drains.

Similar benefits can be achieved in grease traps and (STPs) Sewage Treatment systems, These microbes can act on sugars starches, proteins etc.. .They are very safe to use and are non pathogenic strains , i.e cannot cause disease. The microbial dosing done on drains only benefits the native bacterial population present in STPs and enhances their efficiency.

This is the way of the Future!

Biotreatment of food waste dispels the darkness caused by primitive technologies like manual scavenging, rodding, pressure jetting and is the way of the future.

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The author runs an organization to help industries manage their waste issues by using bio-remediation


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