• BIOFRESH is a (RTU ) ready to use product, spray directly on the source of odor.
  • Spray directly on the source and not in the air,
  • Spray on – Front and back Curtains, Textile and Soft furniture (Like Sofas, Chairs, Stools), HVAC Air filters (odors get trapped in these filters), Trash cans, Carpets.
  • In Washrooms –Plumbing fittings, Showers mats, Curtains, WC seats & Surrounding areas, Bins, Drains.
  • Works on Smoke, Food, Moldy musty smells, Pet odors, Organic Soiling, Stubborn paint smells, garbage rooms odors etc.
  • If Smells tend to stay, then provide ample ventilation and repeat the spray once again.
  • Creates a Good First Impression for Guests, Makes the room, hygienic, fresh and clean.
  • Converts smoking rooms to non smoking ones in minutes.
  • 100% Eco-friendly natural product. (contains fast acting enzymes ,herbal extracts and fragrance

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